A great challenge, brilliantly met!

19 March 2015 Uncategorized

We’ve just finished erecting the glued-laminated timber frame for the Claude-Béchard Building in St-Pascal.Producing this type of three-story glued-laminated timber frame was a first for us,and we’re proud to say it’s been a great success!

There were several challenges involved: the building site was on a fault line and the soil quality was poor, which made the bracing—the building’s overall stability and resistance—particularly tricky.To ensure optimum stability, engineering firm BPR decided on a hybrid steel-wood structure.This demanded a high degree of coordination between the steel and glued-laminated-timber teams.The design and architectural plans were the work of architectural firm Goulet & Lebel.

The building will house various municipal services offered by the Kamouraska RCM and is set to open this summer.Construction is by Construction Marcel Charest et fils.

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