Art Massif project nominated for a WIN Award

20 October 2015 Uncategorized

The Montmagny Courthouse is in the running for a prestigious World Interior News (WIN) Award in the public sector category.The courthouse designers earned themselves a spot on the WIN short list with their bold combination of styles and materials.

The challenge of the project was to integrate the new glued-laminated timber structure with the existing stone walls.The original building dates back to the pre-Confederation era—the plans for the building, kept in the government’s archives, are from 1865!The project was also innovative in the way it was managed: instead of having a building contractor oversee the entire project, a project manager was in charge of coordinating the various subcontractors,who worked directly for the client, Société immobilière du Québec.

Art Massif supplied the glued-laminated timber frame for the roof, the columns in the main hall, and all of the wood decking.

The contest winners will be announced in December.

Our warmest congratulations to designers Roy Jacques Architects, CCM2 Architects, and Groupe A for the nomination!