Glued-Laminated timber

Art Massif has mastered every aspect of glued-laminated timber manufacturing.To help us make the impossible possible, we’ve even developed our own machinery.That’s how we’re able to build beams that meet the highest standards of quality.

Glulam that meets (and beats) every standard

Our glued-laminated timber beams are manufactured according to CSA Standard 0122-6 and certified by APA, a quality assurance association specializing in engineered wood products.Our certified plant meets CSA Standard 0177-06.

Glulam and long-span beams

We build beams from 80 mm to 365 mm (14 and 3/8 inches) wide by 114 mm to 1,110 mm (43 and 11/16 inches) high.If you’re looking for even higher beams, get in touch.We can produce beams up to 20 meters long (68 feet).

Glued-laminated timber : A world of possibilities

We’ve acquired the technical knowledge and methods to produce customized beams for any design specification.Straight, arched, wavy or angular—if you can draw it, we can make it.


Sends us your ideas, we’ll bring them to life!