Art Massif, wood in all its glory!

Since 2010 Art Massif has been creating glued-laminated timber (glulam) structures for all types of buildings, including restaurants, offices, schools and luxury homes. Our expertise spans the entire chain, from design to manufacturing to installation.

Whether you are a private owner, developer or construction industry professional, our experienced team can provide the support you require at any stage of your wood construction project. We are passionate about pushing the limits of what’s possible in terms of aesthetics and creativity.


Exclusive Products

Our innovation is an outlet for your imagination

When design meets wood structure engineering, we can create products that are innovative, unique and great looking: invisible glued-in rod connectors, Prestige composite glulam, Creative Form profiles.

Standard Products

Engineered wood

We build wood structures using beams, columns and decking of glued-laminated timber manufactured in our plant in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli according to the highest quality standards :

  • CSA-0122-6 certified products
  • CSA-0177-06 certified plant
  • Certified by APA since 2014
  • SFI-COC-59675-1 Chain of Custody

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You are ? Owner

Vos clients vous demandent d’intégrer une structure bois lamellé-collé dans leur proje


Have your clients asked you to include a glued-laminated timber structure in their project? Do you regularly design wood structures and need advice on how to take your designs to the next level? Or are you unsure where to start? We’re here to help.

Besoin d'une structure en bois lamellé-collé dans leur projet ?
Vous cherchez un fournisseur de bois lamellé-collé?


Are you looking for a glulam supplier for a project already underway? Is your client asking you to include a glued-laminated timber structure in your construction project? Whether you simply need a quote or some help to find the best solution for your client, we’re here to help.

bois lamellé-collé pour les entrepreneurs
Le bois lamellé-collé permet d’offrir tous les styles!


Wood is fascinating, comforting, soothing and stimulating for our imaginations. Is your dream to have a Scandinavian-style home with clean and modern lines? Or would you rather have a rustic alpine chalet? Any style is possible with glued-laminated timber. All you need is a skilled team with the expertise and experience to bring the vision to life.

Le bois lamellé-collé permet d’offrir tous les styles,