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Driven by excellence and creative challenges since 2010, Art Massif designs and manufactures original, superior-quality glued-laminated timber structures that redefine the limits of what’s possible.

Our team is constantly seeking innovative solutions to improve our processes and exclusive products. With our focus on optimization and constant refinement, we imbue our architectural projects with elegant designs, regardless of the complexity.

We work closely with all our partners – from suppliers to customers – and by promoting transparency and sharing ideas, we deliver structures that exceed expectations.

With this approach, we relentlessly pursue our ambitious goal of
Building and shaping tomorrow’s living spaces

Environmental stewardship

At Art Massif, respecting the principles of sustainable development is in our DNA. We evaluate everything we do in our daily work through the lens of sustainability to ensure we are creating the best prospects for future generations. We do everything in our power to reduce our environmental footprint and improve the current situation.


Our wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests in Quebec.

Our SFI certification ensures that you contribute to the protection of natural environments and biodiversity in addition to promoting transparent and responsible use of our forests.

The glue we use is the most environmentally friendly adhesive material approved by the standard. It does not contain formaldehyde and does not release any odour after gluing.

We also use low VOC water-based or natural-oil-based products for our finishing treatments.

Waste management

We pride ourselves on responsible use of resources. Over 99% of our raw materials is put to good use, and less than 1% is sent to landfill.

Our plant is heated purely from offcuts and waste wood.

The unusable portion of our resources is sold to local businesses to be recycled, mainly in the form of horse bedding and pellets.

Local purchasing

We strive to always do business with local suppliers whenever possible. Our idea of “local” starts at the village level, then the region followed by the province.

In this way, we reduce pollution from transporting materials because all our suppliers are located within 500 km (300 miles) of our plant.

Notre implication sociale chez Art massif

Social involvement

We have been involved in the Le Semoir initiative since it launched. This initiative aims to encourage kids and teenagers to become involved eco-citizens. It offers various workshops for children to learn in a fun environment. To date, over 1,550 students have taken these workshops in more than 36 schools across Quebec.

We are also involved in several social causes and local events. These are just some of the ways we give back to our community.


When you call Art Massif, you speak with a real person! We are always available and happy to answer your queries, however big or small they may be. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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