Our innovation is an outlet for your imagination

We have taken a new approach to engineering timber structures by adding an extra element: design. This boldness has enabled us to create exclusive products that combine innovation, originality and aesthetics. Thanks to our unique process, you will be the proud owner of a building that truly stands out and gives you joy for decades to come. Dream big, because we believe your greatest ideas deserve to be brought to life.

Poutre Prestige bois lamellé-collé

Prestige composite glulam

Art Massif has developed a technology for increasing the number of types of wood that can be used for your installations. Our Prestige composite glulam comprises a spruce core, which provides structural integrity, onto which you can add fine woods to show off their beautiful and unique grains.

With this new product, you have the opportunity to use different and rarer types of wood rather than being limited to resinous woods known for their strength. You therefore get the authentic look of a structure made purely of fine wood at a fraction of the price.

Rounded and multiform Creative Form profiles

In keeping with our constant push to innovate and stimulate your creativity, Art Massif has developed a new process that can be used to create beams with rounded and irregular profiles while preserving their quality and durability.

This means we can integrate true masterworks of form and function into your structural designs. You can simply let your imagination run wild.

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