Integrated design

We can work with you every step of the way or lend our expertise on an ad hoc basis, from industrial design to carpentry to engineering. We have the skills and experience to support you at the initial design phase and help optimize your project, and then with the modeling, engineering, manufacturing and installation of your structure.

Project scope and budget overview

When you contact us about a project, we take the time to discuss with you at length so we can fully understand your goals and challenges.

At this step, we can take you through the various options and provide an overview of the costs involved, so we can quickly determine whether your vision fits with your budget.

Optez pour des projets en structure de bois lamellé-collé !

Modeling and optimization

By getting our engineering department involved at the crucial design stage, you benefit from our expertise and vast experience. Our team can check the feasibility of your project and present all the factors used in the decision-making process.

Your investment in this consultation step quickly pays off throughout the project. The more consideration and meticulousness put into the design phase, the greater the savings on structural, manufacturing and installation costs because all these aspects have been optimized from the start.

Once the structure is defined, we move on to full modeling. We use different software – including Cadwork, Grasshopper and Rhino – to find the optimal design solution.

After this step we can provide the full end-to-end cost of the project: engineering, manufacturing, machining, finishing, delivery and installation.

Optez pour des projets en structure de bois lamellé-collé !

Engineering and coordination

We design the connectors for each project, which is a specialization that requires strong engineering skills and unique expertise. Leveraging this expertise, we can create extremely discreet or even invisible connections.

Our full team of engineers, who specialize in heavy timber structures, can also take care of all the engineering needs of the timber structure. Our team can also work with your engineer to optimize your project and suggest distinctive design details.

Optez pour des projets en structure de bois lamellé-collé !

Manufacturing and finishing

We can manufacture all glued-laminated elements of a project. With our 5-axis machining center, we can work with wood components of up to 5 metres wide (16 1/2 feet) and 1.5 metres high (5 feet). This means we can machine a variety of beam and column shapes: straight, curved, square, rectangular, round and multiform, as well as CLT and GLT panels.

We always aim to do as much preassembly as possible to minimize on-site costs. That’s why we have formed a manufacturing team dedicated purely to this stage of the process.


Thanks to our specialized installation teams, you can enjoy a turnkey project. Because glulam is a both a structural and finishing material with strict requirements for on-site handling, today’s construction professionals need our techniques and expertise to ensure proper installation.

Wood sales

We sell our glued-laminated products by the unit without engineering, machining or finishing. Simply send us a list of the parts you need with the desired dimensions, and we will send you a quote.

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