Distillerie des Marigots

Caplan, QC, Canada

Architectural firm
Pierre Bourdages Architects

Art Massif

Distillerie des Marigots

Sitting atop a cliff, the artisanal Distillerie des Marigots has a stunning view over Chaleur Bay in Caplan on the Gaspé pensinsula. Entrepreneurial couple Joseph and Laurie-Anne had always dreamed of building a production facility for their delicious gin and whisky in this beautiful spot.

The distillery boasts distinctive, Scandinavian-inspired architecture. The Art Massif timber structure and its natural look is in harmony with the refined regional spirits produced there. The glued-laminated wood beams and columns form an open area with cathedral ceiling, allowing light to enter through the large windows at each end.

Photo credit : Vincent Lebègue

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