SmartMill Plant and Offices

Saint-Nicolas – Lévis

Architectural firm
Atelier Guy Architectes

Engineering firm

Ronam Construction Inc.

Glued-Laminated Timber Offices and Plant for SmartMill

SmartMill’s production plant is directly adjacent to its brand-new offices. SmartMill works in the wood sector and therefore created an ideal concept for showcasing how wood can be used. The project’s engineering and architectural requirements demonstrate Art Massif’s expertise in glued-laminated timber structures.

The SmartMill site really stands out with its distinctive work environment: two floors for administration, a large window, relaxation areas, an inner court, and curtain walls at the front. In the plant, two traveling cranes sit directly on the longitudinal beams. The prefabricated roof trusses are composed of curved beams that create a large open space for the production floor. Finally, a wooden curtain wall on one side maximizes illumination from natural light.

Photo credit : Agence Icône, Art Massif, Structures AM, Génie+

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