A focus on aesthetics

Leveraging our expertise and exclusive processes, we can design straight, curved, customized and strikingly beautiful glued-laminated products. What makes our products stand out from the competition Is our overarching pursuit of stunning aesthetics. That’s why Art Massif has implemented a highly stringent quality assurance process consisting of 6 phases and 22 control points.

Art Massif only produces architectural-grade glued-laminated timber, the highest quality according to standards.

Beams and columns

Create your space exactly how you imagined it!

Great looking and high performance, our glued-laminated wood is produced from high-quality and beautiful engineered 2 x 6 timber. The wood strips are glued together under high pressure with tightly controlled settings. Our manufacturing process produces a stable product with precise structural characteristics.

Incredibly versatile and less heavy than steel and concrete, it is an ideal choice for “all-wood” and hybrid structures (wood/steel, wood/concrete, wood/traditional walls). The design possibilities are endless to meet strict budgets or other requirements, such as the type of ground, installation or the desired aesthetics.

For an even bolder look, why not include arches? Choose a curve radius and envisage a structure with interconnecting shapes that form a simple or complex – but always harmonious – whole.

Main specifications

  • Standard species: Spruce-pine (SP) contains 90% black spruce
  • Widths: 80 mm (3 1/8″), 130 mm (5 1/8″), 175 mm (6 7/8″), 215 mm (8 7/16″), 265 mm (10 7/16″), 315 mm (12 3/8″), 365 mm (14 3/8″)
  • Heights: From 104 mm (4 1/8″) up to 1249 mm (49 3/16″) by increment of 34.7 mm (1  3/8″)
  • Lengths: Up to 20.7 m (68 feet)
Brochure (imperial)
Brochure (metric)
Beams – Selection charts (French version)

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Mass Timber Decking

Vast range of dimensions and colors!

Our glued-laminated timber (GLT) decking looks like solid wood planks but is made from strips of wood, just like our beams and columns. Because it is an engineered product, it can be manufactured to precise structural specifications and therefore used in building design.

Used as floor slabs or roofing, our decking forms a fundamental part of the building’s structure

Can be placed on a wood or steel structure

Ideal solution to solve building height challenges

Can be used to create cantilevers in the wood’s load-bearing direction

Dimensions of 60 mm thick (2 3/8 inches) or more are fire resistant and meet regulations for commercial use

No need for finishing steps – gypsum, painting, coatings – the decking’s high-quality appearance is also its final look

With a wide range of colors to choose from, our decking easily integrates into rustic or ultra-modern decors

Decking planks are easy to handle and ideal for small surfaces or residential projects

Main specifications

  • Standard species: spruce-pine-fir (SPF) contains 90% black spruce
  • Covering width: 353 mm (13 7/8″)
  • Thicknesses: 38 mm (1 1/2″), 60 mm (2 3/8″), 80 mm (3 1/8″), 130 mm (5 1/8″)
Brochure (imperial)
Brochure (metric)

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Système de connexion invisible

Invisible connection system

Art Massif’s invisible connection system is the ideal solution to improve the aesthetics of an exposed engineered wood structure.

The system comprises steel connectors and glued rods integrated into wood sections, onto which a column foot or bracket, for example, can be bolted on top to assemble another wood section.

Every project is unique, so every invisible connection system is specially designed by Art Massif to combine elegance, structural performance and installation efficiency.

Contact us and let our expertise bring life to your creativity. With our system, you can design a wide variety of wood structures with clean lines and unrivaled elegance.

Selection of colors to choose from

To ensure your project ages beautifully, we use only high-quality products to treat our wood:
– Prato Verde’s Pareo line (exterior and interior)
– Sansin’s Natural line (exterior and interior) Select Exterior Natural in the tabs.
– Purity Glacier from Sansin, (interior) for an exceptionally clear, natural-looking finish.

Click on the links to see the available colors and for more information on all the available options. Each product line has its own properties, so let one of our experts help you choose the best product for your project.

To help you pick the right color, we’ll produce wood samples treated with two different colors of your choice, so you can see which one you prefer. Finishes are always applied to the wood at our plant before the pieces are delivered to the building site. The finishing is included in the price.

Learn more about
our quality-control process


We only work with the industry’s best suppliers and partners who share our passion for wood and high-quality construction. A key requirement is to meet the strictest drying standards to ensure an immaculate finish.


When the wood arrives at our plant, it is inspected for moisture content, structural capacity and visual quality. Anything that fails to meet our standards for these three criteria is rejected, so only wood that meets our strict quality standards is kept.

Production :


During the finger-jointing and pressing stages, we take samples of joints and beams for various quality controls – joint strength, shear and delamination – to ensure they meet CSA certification standards.

L'usinage de nos pièces en bois lamellé-collé


To ensure the quality and precision of our machining operations, Art Massif has implemented a double verification process. Each part machined by an employee is independently checked by another employee. This verification is very important because it ensures the parts assembly process is smooth and guarantees immaculate aesthetics.


All our beams and columns are visually inspected to ensure they meet our high expectations. Our structures are then sanded and treated with a finishing product to meet your requirements. This treatment plays an important role because it:

  • Prevents cracks in the wood
  • Protects the wood from UV light
  • Provides the desired look and color

Our products are available in a vast range of over 50 colors. We provide you with a sample so you can preview the final product. If you’re undecided between two or three shades, we create samples of each so you can make an informed choice. We can also create a custom color upon request.


We have controls in place before and during loading to ensure you receive your complete delivery on time. The structure can then be installed smoothly according to your schedule.