Art Massif Plant Expansion

QC, Canada

Art Massif
Marie-Hélène Nollet architecte

Art Massif

Art Massif Plant Expansion

To increase its production capacity, Art Massif has invested in expanding its plant and installing a numerical control machining center, which is unique in Canada.

The 10,000 ft.² (930 m²) timber structure obviously incorporates Art Massif’s signature engineering and production expertise, magnificently showcased by the roof trusses with 70 ft. (21.3 m) curved beams.

The beauty of the wood decking really stands out, as does the bracing of the curved trusses. Another detail that demonstrates the structural solidity of glued-laminated timber is that the traveling crane rails (11,000 lb./5,000 kg load capacity) sit directly on the longitudinal beams. Note also the large windows that let in natural light – a feature the managers felt was important for the well-being of employees.

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Photo credit : Art Massif

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