Quebec City outdoor center

Quebec City, Qc, Canada

Architectural firm

FNX Innov, WSP, Stantec, Drolet Construction

A signature design for the Quebec City outdoor center

Constructed in 2019, the new visitor building serves several purposes and includes offices, public bathrooms, a multipurpose room, equipment rental services, and storage space.

The material used, including its glulam structure, gives emphasis to the building in the natural environment of the outdoor recreational area. In the multipurpose room, the cathedral roof and wooden curtain wall let in warm light, which makes the space all the more impressive. The project has won recognition and multiple awards: Award of Excellence from the Quebec Order of Architects, CECOBOIS Award of Excellence, Mérite d’architecture from the City of Quebec, Grands Prix du Design – “GOLD” Project.

Photo credit: Stéphane Groleau & Art Massif

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