The Treetop Walk

Mont-Blanc, Laurentides

Architectural firm
PLA architectes

Engineering firm
LH2, MassTimberConsulting, Art Massif


A tower with unique dimensions

The Treetop Walk is a cultural and tourism-focused project, which is unique in Eastern Canada. It is an observation walkway through the treetops of 2,070 ft, which ends at the top of a 130 ft tower high: the equivalent of a 12-story building.

The observation tower offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the Laurentian Mountains. About 950 cubic meters (33,550 cubic feet) of wood were used for this project. It mainly includes:

  1. Logs for support columns
  2. Glulam beams for the tower and walkways
  3. Mass timber wood for the main plank bridge

This project required the development of several innovative designs to create a natural, modular and protected installation. The trees were meticulously and individually chosen to get the right diameter, length and appearance.

Photo credit : Daniel Desmarais and Art Massif

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