Impressive Factories Made of Glued-Laminated Timber

3 Plants

SmartMill Plant

SmartMill’s production plant is directly adjacent to its brand-new offices. More photos.

Photo credit: Agence Icône

Ecorad Factory – Under Construction

Covering an area of ​​18,200 square feet (1691 m²), this factory will allow the company to consolidate its operations under one roof, to offer employees a more ergonomic workspace and a showroom for its products. More photos.

Art Massif Factory

To increase its production capacity, Art Massif has invested in expanding its plant and installing a numerical control machining center, which is unique in Canada. More photos.

About Art Massif

Driven by excellence and creative challenges since 2010, Art Massif designs and manufactures original, superior-quality glued-laminated timber structures that redefine the limits of what’s possible.

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